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About VEN

VEN was set up in 2001 by the Community Trust of Otago to provide standards, governance and management over an educational environment that is digital. All schools are able to take advantage of the services that have been created.

VEN is registered Charitable organisation (not for profit).  The company is managed in a way which reflects the needs and desires of the main users (who can only be NZ schools or educational institutions). Collaboration, communication and community are key drivers of VEN.

As such VEN is unique:

  • Schools are able to access current services such as Sparks SchoolZone and the interim fibre environment until schools can get N4L Education Hub
  • Research and Development eg NEW supporting quality communication via newsletters, magazines and yearbooks Publications
  • VEN is a user group (supporting members) endeavoring to meet the users' expressed needs.
  • VEN negotiates with the service providers and interested stakeholders on behalf of the users eg FX, Chorus, Spark, New Era, Editure and the MoE.
  • Keeping a watchful eye over and working with users and educational service providers to enhance the environment.
  • Maintaining a political presence

VEN will continue to develop a creative, collaborative and sharing environment where schools are able to work cooperatively with others of like interest. We will continue to liaise closely with the Ministry of Education and all interested stakeholders.

If you have suggestions as to the directions that VEN should be taking then please email them to: